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Single estate single variety extra virgin olive oils

Echo Valley Olives are grown in New Zealand's ideal climate. Handpicked from single estate single variety trees and cold pressed ensuring premium flavour and quality of the oil. Contact us for more infomation or to make an order.

250ml bottles dark green glass Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Pendolino Frantoio Marino Ascalano Koroneiki are available in             250ml bottles  Marino is also available in 500ml bottles 

First cold pressed extra virgin olive oils currently in stock:

Ascalano - Zesty citrus start with a robust pepper finish

Pendolino - Fresh herbs spicy and fragrant with a smooth pepper

Frantoio - Fragrant and nutty with a aromatic pepper finish

Marino - Olive fruitiness with a spicy rocket-like pepperiness

Koroneiki - Fresh green wheat grass and peppery

EVO Vinaigrette - EVO extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar dijon mustard honey garlic, onion. Tastes delicious on new potatoes salads fish sandwiches. The texture is creamy and has a balanced taste of spicy sweet savoury and salty.

Four Bottle Gift Pack holds four 250ml size bottles          

Presented in an attractively printed box

an ideal gift - the gift of health
Holds 4 x 250 ml bottles :                                              
       Ascalano  Pendolino  Frantoio  Marino  Koroneiki

choose any combination of 4 x 250ml bottles you desire from the above lists. Or include a 250ml bottle of our EVO Vinaigrette

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 email or phone Don and Teresa

Tel:  09 4314118                     International +64 9 4314118
Mobile:  021 716 030 Teresa    021 1844598 Don

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