The Oil

An exciting passion is felt when tasting our New Zealand produced olive oil and then sharing the experience your friends and family.

A good olive oil should have a nice rich golden or green colour with a good nose. A good nose is the first indication of a good olive oil. An experienced olive oil taster can recognize a good olive oil just by smell alone. The nose should be fresh with slightly green aroma that teases your senses. The more complex and interesting the aroma the better the oil will taste.

Use small pieces of plain bread when tasting olive oil hold the oil up to your nose breathe in the aroma then dip your bread in the oil place the oil and bread in your mouth and draw air in through your teeth to spread the complex flavors through your palate savour and enjoy the after taste.

Flavors you will experience in our oil will range from herbaceous fresh green grassy buttery nutty spicy peppery and bitterness.
Use both of our Leccino and Pendolino olive oil for dipping bread or drizzling over salads meat fish or vegetables. Add a little to your hot green beans Delicious.

Tasting Notes and Reviews


EVO Leccino has a lovely buttery start that quickly develops into a fresh green grassy lingering peppery finish that develops in the palate.


EVO Pendolino has a wow factor, a lively green start and a verdant peppery flavor that lingers and changes as it reaches the upper palate with a slight bitterness. This oil says I want more while your taste buds are still enjoying the initial experience - Delicious.


Echo Valley Olives Ltd, Mangawhai, New Zealand
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